Become a freelance writer with no experience

As a teacher, you’re usually searching for a bendy way to make some greater money. It’s simply a truth of life.

A rapid search for instructor facet hustles will deliver up a lengthy listing of possibilities, and on most of them you’ll locate some type of wish for writing services.

If there’s one factor that lot’s of instructors are correct at, it’s writing. Between all the essays you wrote in undergrad to the masters diploma courses, you’ve written pretty a few pages. Let’s simply say most of you have ample writing skills.

And I already be aware of what you are thinking, extra writing? But hold in thought that you’ll be capable to do greater innovative writing on subjects of your choosing.

So a choice to reflect on consideration on is turning into a freelance writer, combining what you already comprehend how to do with a facet hustle that requires zero experience.

Of course, as you begin getting into the freelance writing business, simply like whatever else, you’ll begin to obtain experience.

Then small businesses, like mine, will appear to rent you to assist them fill the gaps in their companies. When you solely have a few employees, it’s a extra environment friendly way to function to appoint out some activities.

So if you are searching for that kind of work, preserve reading.

The Perks

There’s virtually pretty a few motives to think about turning into a freelance writer, specially if you are nonetheless educating and want a little greater aspect income.

Potential consumers are everywhere.
You get to set your personal time table (kinda).
You don’t have to be the satisfactory creator in the world (but you must be rather good).
There are many exceptional methods to be a freelance writer.
You can make right money, and finally figure out if you prefer to go it full time.
You want zero writing trip to get started.

The Cons

It’s no longer all sunshine and rainbows though. A few matters to consider:

The hourly fee can fluctuate pretty a bit, in particular when beginning off.
The quantity of work isn’t consistent.
When you work is flexible, however cut-off dates may additionally no longer be.
Like most things, getting commenced is the hardest part.

Getting Started

A wonderful way to begin is to take a look at what you are fascinated in. If there is a subject that you love speaking about, there’s a accurate danger anybody has a weblog about it already.

Don’t worry, that’s now not always a horrific thing. It skill there’s an audience, and that matters. An handy way to exhibit you are a precise creator on the subject matter is to go to the contact web page and provide to do some visitor posts.

Simply put, it takes a lot of time and effort to write posts, and humans are constantly searching for anybody who can assist them with their on line presence. It’s a win-win, you get to assist their specific niche, and they get to develop their content.

Also maintain in thinking that you aren’t locked into some thing you first begin writing about, you can constantly hold getting to know and publish on different subjects if you want. You now have some freedom to make your very own choices!

Also, one element you want to apprehend is that as a freelance writer, you’ll have to create and preserve your personal schedule.

Ah, heck, one greater component earlier than we go on. You’ll have to be capable to take some criticism, odds are you’ll want to enhance in some areas. But you’re a teacher, you have to have thick pores and skin already!

Types of Freelance Writing

Once you figure out you favor to be a profitable freelance writer, you’ll discover that there are many special kinds of writing.

And you don’t have to have an english diploma to do most of them.

Without going thru all the options, you’ll discover that kind of content material you ought to write about consist of the following:

Blogging/content writing
A brilliant vicinity for many freelance writers to get started out is through writing for a blog.

Whether we are speaking about growing your very own weblog (like we did) or visitor posting on any other bloggers site, there are many possibilities to create writing samples.

There is a limitless wish for first-class weblog posts, as most searches you do on line will reply your questions by using taking you to someone’s weblog content.

In fact, most organizations be counted on others to promote their merchandise via affiliate marketing.

Having your personal blog needless to say is a amazing chance to be a commercial enterprise proprietor and grant a proper area to exhibit your private writing style. Starting a weblog is definitely no longer tough at all, and I agree with is a top notch choice for absolutely everyone who is pushed to maximize their incomes potential.


Okay, full disclosure, copywriting may want to be in the different classes as well. But I assume it deserves its personal space.

Copywriting is essentially persuading anyone to take action, and in most instances that skill you are promoting something.

Potential employers ought to be asking you to assist write an ebook, press release, or content material for their internet site (among different things).

One instance that screams freelance copywriter is actual estate. Good writing is vital to assist the property stand out from the competition, and many realtors aren’t super writers.

Social media

At this factor in time, nearly each enterprise has some kind of social media presence. And many of them don’t do any of their personal social media.

While some agencies take care of their social media debts in house, many of them don’t choose to make investments in any one full time, so they seem for any one who can do it section time.

Take my company, Midwest Teachers Institute. Although each of our co-founders have social media accounts, we’re now not as exact at it as any person who does it greater often.

And even if we had been remarkable at it, one of the matters you analyze as an entrepreneur is that you have to figure out the place your time is first-class invested.

And for us, the answer was once to flip over manipulate of our social media websites to a freelancer that we hired.

We test in at predetermined times, and he presents us with the facts and engagement to show his worth.

Just have in mind that when you convey in new purchasers as a social media freelancer, you’ll be taking on their fashion as well.

How plenty work you put in and what it will seem like will be decided by way of the settlement you sign.

Often this kind of writing will additionally require you to be extra inventive than any of the different types. Just some thing to hold in mind.

Technical writing

If you’ve ever bought some thing and the instructions have been not possible to follow, you recognize the want for technical writers.

Your job is to take the complicated and make it much less complex.

You’ll want to additionally recognize what you are studying in most cases, and you’ll possibly be working in a subject such as engineering, private finance, consulting, publishing, simply to identify a few. It’s a especially lengthy listing in a developing field.

How Much do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

I mean, this is the cause you’re nonetheless reading, right?

First matters first, you likely won’t make as a whole lot when you first begin as you will later. Like most matters in life, the higher you get, the extra you’ll be capable to charge.

The best way to get your first jobs is to set a charge that is low sufficient that they’ll take a danger on you, however now not so low that you appear like you choose to pump out work for content material mills.

Depending on what kind of writing you determine to do, I’d propose searching at one of the freelancer websites later in this article. It will supply you a top concept of the quotes human beings cost so you can charge your self competitively.

Remember, you’re simply beginning to construct your profitable freelance writing career, so you have to show your self a little.

If you had been to supply it a go being a full-time freelance writer, you have a vast vary of predicted payment. According to Glassdoor, the common profits is about $52,000 a year.

Obviously, considering the fact that there are special locations to work and there are distinctive stages when it comes to identifying worthwhile writing niches, the quantity you can make varies.

Getting Noticed (Finding Gigs)

Like most matters in life, you’ll have to do a little leg work for this step. If humans can’t discover you, they can’t employ you, and you’ll be sitting there thinking why they aren’t all beating down your door to pay you.

Sorry to say, it doesn’t work that way.

The true information is, new writers don’t have to put in a ton of challenging work, community nonstop, and discover their personal first job.

That’s now not to say you shouldn’t additionally do these things, however you don’t have to begin there.

A right way to discover practicable clients is to go on job boards and provide your offerings there. New businesses are popping up all the time, however a few of the largest and most broadly acknowledged are:


Fiverr was once the very first provider my enterprise used to outsource work. We had our brand at MTI touched up, and in the end we had any individual do a simply cool 3D emblem for us (we without a doubt received 50 total).

You’ll create your “gig” which is the provider you are inclined to provide. They supply recommendation to assist you stand out from the crowd, and it’s effortless to see what your opponents are saying, doing, and offerings they are advertising.



Much like the preceding company, Freelancer is a expert internet site designed to make discovering a freelance job easy.

And bonus factors for the name, noticeably handy to remember!

Tons of jobs listed from all over the world, at the time of this writing I simply went to copywriting jobs for this month and the listing went from $19 an hour for product description writing to $5,000 to $10,000 for a mission script.



They declare to be an all-in-one platform to assist launch your writing career.

There are modules designed to make you an super writer, however once more you aren’t required to end all of them.

I do like that they have a built-in software that grades the readability of your writing and gives the analyzing level. Reading time and different portions of records are supplied as well.

A fascinating addition, and it seems to be a low fee danger well worth taking at a discounted price of $47 for a membership.



So Contena does fee cash to join, and their message is that they will work tough to justify the cost.

There’s a coaching software that they declare you may want to end in one weekend, and that it’s easy and handy to learn. But the route is optional, you don’t have to end it to begin earning.

There are exceptional stages of membership, with platinum individuals getting a committed coach.

The lowest membership fee is $40 a month, so they of course are inspired to preserve you working, in any other case you’ll leave.

There is a neighborhood as nicely to assist out, and I’ve blanketed a hyperlink right here to some of the matters they advise you ought to write about and get paid.



Upwork is the place my business enterprise has long gone to discover anybody to assist us with our social media. Our freelance creator has been working with us for nearly a 12 months now, and our contract is month to month.

Payment is impervious for the freelancer (they acquire from us and then pay you), and so a long way we’ve felt like the freelance work we’ve paid for has been cash properly spent.

The first-class phase for us is that the scores and preceding work they’ve completed used to be uploaded already on Upwork’s very own website, so we may want to preview the writing portfolio.



If you sketch on doing writing for any running a blog web sites and you favor to study more, then one of the satisfactory on-line structures is Problogger.

They furnish a step by way of step information for over 8000 tips, tutorials, and different techniques to assist information you.

My favorite aspect about them is that they grant lots of free help, consisting of this put up that outlines how lots you can definitely anticipate to make writing for a weblog doing freelance work.

There are professionals and cons to every site, some require you to pay to join, some take a proportion of what you make.

But maintain in thought that they are possibly the exceptional area to get started.

Most of them are designed so that you can get greater costs as soon as you show yourself, have samples of your work, and first-class scores from your clients.

I’d additionally suggest achieving out on social media to doable editors. Do a little leg work to see who is an editor for the website you’d like to write for, then reach out.

Personally, I’m a large believer in LinkedIn and Twitter. Feel free to discover different options, however I mainly sense that LinkedIn is much less about their social lives and greater about commercial enterprise (as it used to be supposed to be).

Final Word

Freelance writing jobs may additionally no longer lead to a full-time income, however they can be one of the fine approaches to complement your income.

One of the great matters about being a freelancer is the capability to manipulate when you work, however that additionally capacity you have to be capable to stability time/work.

You can also favor to spend the greater value of taking a freelance writing course, and there are masses of alternatives and fee factors available. A few freelance marketplaces even encompass publications to assist you improve whilst you market your services.

And there are masses of fb businesses to assist you alongside the way if you are simply beginning off and searching for free advice.

All in all, it’s no longer a terrible alternative to make some more cash…

But I wouldn’t end my day job simply yet.

Thanks for reading. Now get out there and get started!

You’re nonetheless here?

If you’re searching for different methods to begin your experience as a blogger to reveal your posted work, begin with our novices information to writing your first weblog post.

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